Lake Ontario Waterkeeper annual report

It’s common for charities to reach out to their donors and ask for donations. Because the organization didn’t have an annual report that was publicly available, in 2014 the idea was to provide donors with facts on Waterkeeper’s successes, inform donors on the issues Waterkeeper is focused on, and illustrate what challenges Waterkeeper faces. The following infographic (printed double-sided) was sent out as part of the annual donation ask package.

The Challenge

The copy for both sides of the infographic was great. It was concise and clearly outlined. The challenge was to bring attention to all of the facts but also emphasize the sole purpose of this mail out – the need to donate.

Because the successes-side was about informing donors of what the organization has achieved, the most important thing was to highlight the numbers. Majority of the infographic’s weight was on the Challenges-side. Because there were quite a few facts, I used the arrows as a guide to walk donors through the numbers and illustrate the many obstacles the organization have to overcome. When the guide through the challenges is over, the donation-ask was the next logical step.