Drink Guide app

Drink Guide is a smartphone app that alerts the public of all of the drinking water advisories across Canada every day. The app is designed and maintained by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and the advisories are updated daily by Water Today based on official government sources.

The Challenge

Since this was my first mobile app design, start to finish, the biggest challenges were accommodating fat fingers, understanding how and what the hamburger menu does to the user experience, remembering that the design choices for phone-size will not always work for another phone-size (ie: text size, column width, row height, image size… ). At the time, the iPhone 6Plus was the most advanced of all of the iPhones and far more accommodating than the iPhone 4. I remember testing for both of those phone-sizes and silently wishing every person who owned an iPhone 4 or older would toss out their phone and get an upgrade.

Considering how simple Drink Guide’s architecture is, I was fortunate to have this app as my first to really dive into.