Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher, Bible version concept mock-up

I love the Preacher graphic novel. It’s stands out as one of my favourite stories and to this day I treasure the books. Reading this series reminded me about how entertaining and fun comics can be when they’re done well. Preacher inspired me so much that it helped re-launch my love for comic-collecting.


The background story:

As a fan and a graphic designer, I wanted to do something that I hadn’t seen. Since I read the books (in the early 2000’s), I saw a few websites that catalogued the graphic novel really well, but I wanted to do a different kind of tribute.

I’ve always adored book layout and my partner, Trevor Parker, is a writer. (He’s actually the one who introduced me to the series and he’s quite a fan of the book and the Ennis-Dillon duo too.)

In 2012, after pondering on this for a while (I was freelancing that year) I remember itching to do something for myself. I’m pretty sure the idea hit me while I was in the shower. Trev was happy to re-write a couple of sequences in King James (traditional Bible) English (Trev’s an Atheist, so he had some fun with that). Subtracting the colour from Dillon’s artwork and using his line art wasn’t difficult. I took some pictures of my small white Bible and by removing the text in Photoshop, I basically created a blank canvas.

I sent these mock-ups to Marvel executives in the hopes of hearing their feedback but I never got a response. Looking at this a few years later, I’m still happy with this concept. It still stands as something I would like to see as a tribute to the series.