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RBC Blue Water Day is a day that the company reserves for their employees. By introducing their employees to some of the many not-for-profits supported by RBC, employees are provided with opportunities to give back to their community. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper has been one of the recipients of RBC’s support since 2007. And since RBC’s steadfast support, the Swim Drink Fish Community has grown exponentially.

Infographic illustrating the growth in the Swim Drink Fish Community since Lake Ontario Waterkeeper officially started in 2001.

The Challenge

Our goal: To connect (talk) to as many RBC employees as possible 1) informing them of their company’s great impact on Waterkeeper’s growth, 2) explain why Waterkeeper’s work is important, and 3) enable each employee to see the value in protecting water when it comes to their own health.

What we knew: Potentially all of RBC’s Toronto employees (approximately 4000) would attend RBC Blue Water Day and there were two employees representing Waterkeeper (I was one of them). The event was going to be approximately 4 hours long so we knew we didn’t have a lot of time to chat with the people we were going to meet.

The materials we brought had to help us achieve our messaging goals. Knowing the majority of the audience worked in the banking realm, we thought providing them with something concise and number-based made sense. And the timeline-infographic proved to be a success. By illustrating RBC’s impact on Waterkeeper’s growth by looking at the organization’s community (the Swim Drink Fish Community), employees were quick to ask questions and engage in conversation.